Our Community Story

The Azibagir Creative Community boast of 3 functional units/subsidiaries.

Message Pictures- film production  subsidiary
Azitv- an ACC movie YouTube                 channel
ACC programs – film related events/talent hunt unit


Azibagir Creative Community stems from the dream of influence conceived by Dick Williams Azibagir in 2014, two years after starting a career in acting. At an early career stage, he desired to be the game changer; who wants to bring a different kind of message to the media scene via the arts of film making and music production. He wants a community with a unique style, new visual style and moral value system with an over whelming global acceptance.
However, this dream kept on bubbling on his head until he finally decides to launch the Azibagir Creative Community on 4th September, 2016 on his 21st birthday.

The ACC is a film chain launched with the sole purpose of producing top rated movies and film related un via inspiring and transforming positive content in film making, television, programs, database, film academy  and web platforms.
On 13th December, 2016, ACC started operations with the ACC Programs unit sponsoring the campus premiere of Poverty Reloaded movie in Niger Delta University, Bayelsa, Nigeria.

In 2017, Azibagir ™ acquired the Message Pictures film company from the self owned company by Dick Williams Azibagir, to make it a functional and official film production subsidiary under Azibagir ™
In early 2017, ACC started YouTube uploads for their channel, Azi tv (Azibagir Television) with the airing of the ACC’s revolutionary Quick Story Series.

More units are to be unveiled at the set time! Creative positive influence is our priority.




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