Message Pictures film company

Message Pictures is a film production subsidiary under Azibagir Creative Community, located in Yenagoa, Nigeria. The film company is committed to producing positive global contents which cuts across Gospel and Secular movies of all genres and reasonable budgets. The goal of the company has been to beautify society through every exploring means of creative and engaging story telling. The company had produced great titles like Poverty Reloaded, Quick Story Series, Let’s Take A Picture amongst others.,

Tag: The Film People
Founding Date: 21st July, 2015
Parent Company: Azibagir Creative Community
Major genres: Drama, Comedies, Family, Romance, Thrillers
Production Type: Features, Shorts, Series, Narrative documentary
Area: Gospel, Secular
Lead Filmmaker: Dick Williams Azibagir
Affiliates: Azi tv, ACC programs
Website: 👇

Movie Data

Title Year Director
Poverty Reloaded (2016) Dick Williams Azibagir
De Manifesto (2016) Dick Williams Azibagir
Quick Story (2017-2018) Dick Williams Azibagi

Let’s Take A Picture (2019) Dick Williams Azibagir


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