Dick Williams Azibagir Biography

Dick Williams Tamunomiebaka Azibagir is a Nigerian Actor, Film maker and Compere popularly know as MC Willy (Minister of Enjoyment). Azibagir, is the Founder and CEO of Azibagir Creative Community, and the Lead Film maker of Message Pictures-a film subsidiary of the Azibagir Creative Community.

Early Life

Azibagir was born on 4th September, 1995 to Dick Williams Tamunomiebaka Dikibo and Siyeofori Mark, Rivers State of Nigeria.


He started his Nursery education at Springs Field Academy, Borokiri, Port Harcourt. By April 2000, he relocated to his mother’s hometown, Amuruto-Kugbo where he undertook his primary education (2000-2006). Azibagir attended 5 secondary schools between 2006-2012. He was admitted to the prestigious Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, where he studied Medical Laboratory Sciences (2012-2017). He optioned in Medical Microbiology on graduation.

Professional Life

Dick Williams Azibagir started his acting career on 26th April, 2012, at age 16, after some years of developed interest in entertainment, writing and comedy.
By December, 2014; he started his film making career with his promo movie, “The Immorals,” which was premiered on 5th August, 2015 at the Niger Delta University. On commendation from friends and inspiration from creative celebrities like Kunle Afolayan, Bishop Imeh, Charles Onojie and others, he produced his first feature, Poverty Reloaded in 2015, which later premiered on the 11th and 13th, November, 2016 at Yenagoa. He premiered same movie at his Campus. Poverty Reloaded movie won 3 awards at the 2016 BMFA out of 4 nominations. In 2017, he started his revolutionary film series, Quick Story which reflects influential stories on God, Society and Humour.
Azibagir is a thriving filmmaker, entertainer, film editor, screen writer, blogger, entrepreneur, who loves fun and feels excited to add value to the world.
Corporately, he gave birth to his dreams by launching Message Pictures film company on 21st July, 2015; and the Azibagir Creative Community (ACC) on 4th September, 2016. Message Pictures became a subsidiary of ACC in 2017.

Personal Life

Dick Williams Azibagir is single.


Dick Williams Azibagir is a Christian who strongly believes the Kingdom of God and the Saints should take and are taking full dominance in every sphere of life, even the most commonest of things. He has been privileged to gather a wealth of experience from a 3 years Leadership journey as College of Health Coordinator (1) and Theatre Director (2) at GECC, NDU (2014-2017) during his University days.


1. Poverty Reloaded (2016)
Actor (Jaguar), Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, with Albert Buku, Emmanuel Evisi.

1. Quick Story = 6 shorts (2017-2018) 
Writer, Actor, Producer, Director and Editor.

1. De Manifesto (2016)
Writer, Director, Editor with Kesiye Felagha, Kieni Samine and Worshippers Theatre.

2. Let’s Take A Picture (2019)

# Role Actor (MC Willy), Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Costume supervisor.

Azibagir (MC Willy) jokingly started his comedy career when given the opportunity to entertain his colleagues at his Year 1 Welcome Party, 20th February, 2013. During his University days, he featured in many dinner nights, welcome parties, wedding. On full dedication to film making, he resorted to become a compere who is known for his hot spike mouth.


Best Director, BMFA, 2016.

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Awards and Honours

Best Director, BMFA, 2016.

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