ACC Programs


The ACC Programs is the event/show hosting unit of the Azibagir Creative Community. First active on 13th December, 2016, at the campus premiere of Poverty Reloaded Movie in the prestigious Niger Delta University , Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa, Nigeria.

The unit amplifies the heart beat of our community in organizing live talent programs in order to build man power capacity in creative persons. We don’t organize every program or event in the world. We only organize, sponsor or support film and film related event and human capacity development related events/programs.  Our goal is to effect POSITIVE INFLUENCE via art and entertainment, building a land mark of Positive legacy in the history and future of showbiz and cinema entertainment.

The unit looks forward to bring talents the necessary film seminars, workshops/training projects, film shows, festivals, and more programs that will equip them for outstanding excellence in their fields of creativity. Not to bore you with grammars, watch out for our first show!

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