– An Individual Experience

Wow! What a moment of a lifetime. The biggest telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria hosted her maiden edition of MTN Digital Content Conference at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Nigeria on the 5th, November, 2018. Although the platform has been in existence since its launch in July, 2017, but just a few content creators have harnessed the offers from MTN. With a figure of 189 contents submitted all over Nigeria, 80 content creators were invited to come learn, network, eat and inspired to make a difference. I was among the 80. It’s a honor! MTN had to put this conference to sell the opportunity of film distribution for short films, videos, podcasts, animations creators: the first of its kind in Nigeria. This news for young filmmakers is surely a heaven on earth development, to inspire them to create more contents that can earn them money on the platform. MTN has every type of audience for your shorts and they are willing to work with any interested filmmaker who has captivating and quality contents that adhere to some basic rules ranging from copyrights, picture quality, non promotional materials for brands, non religious crisis inciting contents amongst others to help them bring it to the limelight. This will bring food to the tables of young filmmakers (also established) who had lost hope. All you need is to send your contents to the aggregators, which in turn screens your content to check if it is fit for the platform. It runs like YouTube, where there are different channels, just that you don’t need to sacrifice your blood for 4,000 watch hours before getting paid. You need only one accepted content to start receiving payments.
Just to conclude, the high lights of the event include success stories from Tope Alake, maker of Flatmates, Picture Perfect; ace filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, who talked more on the dwindling system of film distribution in Nigeria owing to the lack of a solid distribution structure and the lack of quality control in latest cinema movies causing annoyance and displeasure from film audience. Tope and Kunle also lead master classes with the 80 content creators along side Omofe, and Dayo, the famous pod cast icon, who lead a master class in pod casting. The event was also decorated with the likes of popular comedian and cartoonist, MC Ajebo, CEO of House of Ajebo, amongst others. A Q & A session from the panel consisting of the above mentioned personalities along side General Managers from MTN Nigeria aided more clarification of the brand’s intention.

As a filmmaker who experienced the conference and also the awards night the subsequent day, I will summarize by saying:
Hey, no more excuses with TV channels and all these blood sucking platforms, make your shorts and sell them on MTN Shortz.
Go and spread the news! Thanks for reading, but I ate the food and snapped the pictures. Lol.

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