The Best Nollywood Movie

The Most Anticipated Nollywood Movie of 2018

When it comes to the Nollywood cinema world; family, friends and well wishers are expecting the birth of their mind blowing baby, AMINA (the movie) by the Nigerian genius director, Izu Ojukwu. From Ojukwu’s preceding masterpieces, film lovers have no iota of doubt that this movie will be the greatest to rock our cinema screens any time it’s released. The trailer says it all.

Izu’s directorial prowess made an indelible mark in detailed story telling, owing to the facts that enough time was spent in sorting and researching materials for the film and also, the ground breaking success from ’76 movie; we have no choice than to expect great story telling from the Amina movie.
Amina is a psychological thriller from the 16th Century historic figure in Zaria, Northern Nigeria, Queen Amina, whose strength, courage and passion to conquer her threatened world becomes a motivation to many past and present day women. Everyone surely got a lesson or two, to learn from the resilient Amina. It portrays the innate strength of the ideal African woman who is fearless and in no way inferior to the masculine folks. It’s a journey of self discovery and passion to save your world.
Technically, the Producers hired the best of crew, with great cinematography, set designing to give that 16th century feel, appropriate stunts, mind bending visuals crowned with a superb cast.


Recall, Izu Ojukwu came in to the International scene by winning the award for the Best Director at the 3rd edition of African Movies Academy Awards with his movie, Sitanda. He’s also the director of the box office famous movie, ’76 which won several awards home and abroad, which also premiered at the British Film Institute, London and Toronto International Film Festival in the United States of America.


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