Why Pageantry Business Dominates Bayelsa

Why Pageantry Business Dominates Bayelsa

You may be tempted to conclude that the Bayelsa entertainment industry is one sided. Don’t feel shy, we may be facing same temptations. Bayelsans have been made to embrace beauty pageants of all kinds and colours, some having tautology in their names. It may interest you to know that Bayelsans have talented musicians, comedians, actors and filmmakers but I will tell you why pageantry beats all of them without being biased.
Entertainment as a sector in Bayelsa yawns like an hungry baby waiting for his mother’s breast milk. The Bayelsa entertainment scene has witnessed some level of progress from the days of the Former Governor, Timipre Sylva who was termed the “man of the youths”. During his time, music stars like Timaya and Timi Dakolo where patronized regularly. We saw the rise of the Egberikoko comic, Geebonz Zibima who became the Winner of the National Comedy Competition. Everything thing seem to be blossoming, but something unexpected happened to our enviable growing industry who hosted the prestigious African Movies Academy Awards, nine times. What could have gone wrong? Was it a failure on the side of the incoming government to create an enabling environment? Was it low quality output from our entertainers? Was it witches and wizards? Me, I don’t know o.

So, let’s talk how pageantry came into the scene… pageantry came in by the diminished appreciation and uplifting of talents and the embracing of sexual desires by de creme dela cremes over real hustle. Music and Comedy shows business reduced drastically due to many reasons which may include poor financial investments, stunted growth amongst SOME entertainers, lack of creativity, lack of courage to do things differently, destructive criticisms, cultism, factions, pride and poor publicity plans.
Pageantry came in slowly because the average Ijaw man loves woman and they are straight forward. Some men who go to shows don’t need your music and jokes to be happy. Just give them a busy waist and you can leak every bit of their brains, so getting their monies for tickets became very easy. Aside tickets the game advanced to what you see today. I will clearly state here that, the pageantry business is a welcome development but most annoyingly, it suffers abuse from most of the organizers. Some musicians and comedians, and others left their craft and businesses to own modelling agencies and host beauty pageants because of these 3 reasons.

1) Low Capital Needed:
The cost of organizing a beauty contest when compared to the cost of recording songs, shooting videos and paying for PR is more affordable here in Bayelsa State not to mention producing a feature film. Most organizers get favoured with an event hall, beg their Dj friends to help out with Sound, tell their girlfriends and sisters to decorate the event hall. Gets an mc friend who works in a radio station to promote the contest and boom, the ball is set rolling. Because little capital is involved, many artistes and organizers can come up with any rubbish and call it, Miss something or Face of nonsense.

2) Cheap Publicity:
Anything that concerns women and sexuality doesn’t need commercials, they will promote themselves. Organizers are more tactical in compelling their contestants to sell some number of tickets to qualify them for the finals. They went as far as telling them, how many likes they must get to avoid getting disqualified.

3) The Konji Factor:
Someone is just waiting for me to land here. About 80% of the pageantry in Bayelsa are sold out to best interest. It’s either the organizer wants to sleep with the girls or their sponsors.

How do they play their cards?

A beauty contest comes up demanding contestants to buy forms and fool them selves, because the winner is known before the contest. You know the matter abi? You think politicians are the only corrupt people in this country abi? When they do their “magomago” finish, the winner is given a PET project, girl child education blah blah. This project needs money and the money may be in an Honorable’s pocket. The wise organizer that is a Bad sharp guy will present the winners to Mr. Honorable at his office in the name of seeking for sponsorship. Mr. Honorable pays more attention to the girls than the organizer. The organizer is not worried, in his mind (ride on boss, set your compass). After all the plenty talks, Mr. Honorable who claims not to have received salary for 3 months will make a financial commitment. The ladies pay the price, the organizer receives the prize. Forget all the cars, and modelling contracts they promise. They are all scam. That’s how some of them make their cash. So, my sisters are you ready to pay the price?

I want to clearly state that, I hold no sentiments against any pageantry organizer or modelling agencies in Bayelsa. Make the truth no pain you.

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