Short Film Marketing in Nigeria


This article is about short film making, and I intend to make it as short as possible. It’s obvious that our major film marketers in Nigeria pay less or no attention to buying or show casing short films in Nigeria; while producing short films is the most reliable way to start small as an aspiring filmmaker. Over the years, we have had the likes of Accelerate Filmmaker Project and African International Film Festival collaboration for grooming young filmmakers, also few others who have been committed to breeding of filmmakers by giving them the basic and essential trainings, platforms/expositions and the resources needed to make their shorts for festivals. Festivals are reliable platforms to kick start a life time of film making but rarely puts food on the table since most festivals in Nigeria have no start up packs (finances) attached to the premiering and awarding of shorts.
What happens to a film maker’s career after the exposition on festivals and yet does not receive a major contract to make a feature?
Why are cinemas not buying short films in Nigeria? What if a filmmaker made an outstanding short and yet does not receive advertorial jobs from companies? Can’t he make shorts that brings food to his table while he prepares himself the more for features? The answer for now (6th September, 2018) is that, NO ONE BUYS SHORT FILMS IN NIGERIA!

Apart, from film exhibiting platforms like festivals and YouTube, how can Young Nigerian Filmmakers exhibit and at the same time, make money from their shorts? We need our existing and aspiring online platforms to provide a medium for SELLING SHORT FILMS?
HOW CAN WE SELL SHORT FILMS ONLINE IN NIGERIA? Your contribution is needed in the comment box.

Image Credit: Camerageargeeks (Instagram)

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