Starring at our screen gods and goddesses is what most of us love to do, and for some of us, they are who we would love to become. The film stars we watch, with perfect romantic life, juicy jobs, paparazzi, glamour, selfie and adventurous lifestyles are sometimes the opposite, off set. Everything na packaging abi? So, at some point, celebrities are always pressurized at striking a balance between their reality and portrayed film life. These celebrities are household figures loved for their demeanour and irresistible personality. They are our role models, we want to be like them but we don’t really know which of their lives to take, film or reality. You will agree with me, that the average desperado celebrity has two of the above mentioned lives which are similar, film life or getting into character, then his/her reality (life) or real character. In the closing paragraphs of this article, we will be proffering solutions to some of the character flaws of our role models.

What all celebrities need to know is that, their audience have the higher tendency of imbibing their film life than they would their real life. Youths always want to live the film life of celebrities. This births a question; in portraying your character in details, should you still consider it’s expository effects in all audiences of different ages and sexes considering the ability of pictures to annihilate or boost the human mind?Probably, no. You don’t give a damn about its effects abi? You are not hear to act Mount Zion film abi or if minors can’t see the movie, they should hug transformer abi? OK. Let’s say that’s your film life. My next question would be, what’s the difference between your character in film and your character in reality? Probably, no difference. Then there’s a problem we need to talk about. Hey, me ain’t judging nobody but you need to realize that your talent makes your fans hold you in high esteem, and sometimes they don’t bother to question the morals of the things you stand for. I’m of the opinion that western culture never gave any one the ticket to abandon the old instilled morals of the young church days and our parents. No! Some of us just believe we have to kill a lot of morals to be rich and famous, but that’s not true. If you cut corners to the top, you will have more opportunities to do same until you are publicly disgraced. The pain about public disgrace due to character flaw is that, a lot of talented people are ready to replace the victim and the public ain’t got time for a second chance. Only God gives second chance. Character flaw has the supreme ability of wrecking your brand, and you are gone. That’s all.
We have seen celebrities arrested for drugs, molestation, fraud and all the likes. What happened to that once admired screen goddess, we never believed she can stoop so low to steal a pendant from a jewelry shop.Β What was he doing with a gun in his home? Chai! Hmmm, he had all the girls falling out his feet but chose to molest that 9 year old lad. There is an imbalance, a mental foundational cause of some celebrity failures. This is due to some wrong perceptions which may play outwardly in some of their approaches towards life.

We can change perceptions like these, πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ˜πŸ˜

Firstly, some actors need to change the perception that, nudity is their selling point. For crying out loud, you’re not a porn star but someone who got an image to uphold today or tomorrow. There are some things you may do today, that have the outright capacity of limiting your chances of acceptance in the society of tomorrow. Are my the only one that has noticed a lot of movies with no significant story line but centered around shooting scenes of sexual escapades to entertain the eyes abi? These movies pay more attention to sex than even the cinematography. It’s either oga is sleeping with house girl (Chidera) or pastor is sleeping with sister or a sister is playing with cucumber. The writers just imagine anything to create sex scenes in the movie. NOT NECESSARY, I MUST SAY. MOVIES LIKE THOSE DESCRIBED, MISREPRESENT NOLLYWOOD AND ITS PRACTITIONERS WHO ARE ROLE MODELS.

Secondly, some actors become ambassadors and inspirationals, fighting drug and child abuses, condemning bombings, social injustice and teenage pregnancy, but we sometimes fail to address those activities like partying that encourages our teenagers to misbehave. We tell them, sing for them and sponsor them to grove but should not get pregnant and smoke out their lives. Can we light fire and expect it not to burn? If our life style encourage the younger ones to involve in social vices, wetin we gain? I see no reason why a musician for example should criticize prostitutes and still dances with strippers in his music videos. Acting abi? Shift lemme faint.
The rate of moral decadence is very high. I want to challenge every one us, l inclusive, to be good role models of our crafts and CHARACTER to the younger generation. They believe so much in us that we can literally ask them to kill, and they won’t hesitate. That’s how powerful and valuable our influence is to them, so let’s convert this power to win them, to be good ambassadors of today for a better tomorrow. Thanks, let me drink water. I have taya jare.


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