PSN-YPG Bayelsa Visits NYSC Camp Clinic

PSN-YPG Bayelsa State Pays a Courtesy Visit to the NYSC Camp Clinic

11th August, 2018

PSN-YPG Bayelsa State paid a courtesy visit to the NYSC CAMP CLINIC.
The visit was aimed at welcoming the New Pharmacist Corp Members to the state and the donating drugs to the camp clinic.
The Assistant Secretary of PSN BAYELSA State branch, Pharm. Joseph Wariowei in a welcome speech, thanked the Reg PHARM Isaiah (FMC) for receiving the team. He also thanked the NYSC BAYELSA State Co-ordinator for the care and posting of previous Pharmacist Corp members posted to the state. He further stated that PSN Bayelsa State will always be of assistance when called upon and also encouraged the pharmacist corp members to feel at home as their professional family is always here for them.
The NYSC clinic Chief Pharmacist, Rx Dara, thanked PSN and PSN-YPG Bayelsa State for making out time to visit the camp and for donating drugs to the camp clinic. She also remarked that, PSN-YPG is the first and only professional body to visit the camp.
The PSN-YPG Bayelsa State Coordinator, Pharmacist Emma, also warmly  welcomed the Pharmacist Corp members to the state and informed them of the next PSN BYS & PSN-YPG State meeting date and told them to maintain professional standards in and outside the Camp.
Pharmacists present in attendance include, Pharm. Suoyo Izu, Pharm. Beryl  James, Pharm. Konyefa Felix, Pharm Emma and Pharm Joseph Wariowei.

Pharm Emma I.
State Coordinator,

News submitted my Pharmacist Konyefa Felix.

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