Kunle Afolayan Trademarks

Kunle Afolayan Directing Trademarks

As a Kunle Afolayan’s filmmaker fan, I have observed some directorial styles and repetitions that give his movies a unique signature anyone can relate to.
So, let’s do this!

1) Kunle’s films are best known to promote the Yoruba culture, music and language: Irapada, Figurine, October 1, Omugbo, The Bridge.

2) His protagonists are always threatened by mysterious deaths around them: Irapada, Figurine, October 1, The CEO.

3) The mysterious deaths are always perpetuated by unknown killers who are less suspected of their crimes because of their closeness to the main characters:
Figurine, October 1, The CEO

4) The use of native and old lanterns, surrounded by low key lighting: Figurine, October 1, The CEO.

5) He plays cameos in his films: Phone Swap, October 1.

6) His movie trailers are always climaxed with the breaking of lanterns or falling of characters into pool accompanied by a breaking sound effect: October 1, The CEO.

7) He takes on supporting roles in his movies: Figurine, Roti.

8) He uses crane shots in most, if not all of his movies to capture aerial view.

9) He always works with Yinka Edward as his Director of Photograph.

10) He always uses Pat Nebo as his art director.

11) He mostly casts Yoruba actors especially Wale Ojo: Phone Swap, The CEO

12) He features his children as extras or actors: Phone Swap, Roti.

13) His characters are always in love or develop feelings for each other but fail to realize it earlier: Figurine, Phone Swap, October 1.

14) He loves bringing back old time actors who may not be active at the time of production. Sadiq Daba (October 1), Hilda Dokubo (The CEO), Omotola Jalade (The Tribunal), Zack Orji (The Tribunal).


1) He’s a benefactor of the Bank of Industry Nolly Funds.

2) He doesn’t like to be perceived as a tribal freak.

3) He’s regarded as the greatest director in Nollywood with the release of October 1 in 2015. Oku Ijekwu threatens that position with the release of ’76 and Amina.

4) First director to premiere his movie on an airplane flight from Nigeria to Paris.

5) His movie October 1, has the biggest budget in Nollywood history with an estimate of #330 million naira.

6) He’s an alumnus of the New York film Academy.

7) He is a regular actor and a fan of the Yoruba culture promoting filmmakers Wale Adenuga and Tunde Kelani.

8) He is the son of the popular 20th century Yoruba filmmaker, “Ade Love”.

9) Kunle Afolayan is a benefactor of Lagos tourism.

10) Kunle casts his younger brother Gabriel Afolayan in his short film, “Hanatu” and his mother in “Roti.” These moves were regarded as UNUSUAL from the filmmaker.

Image source: Money Issues

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