If you think I will go straight to talk about 45 million naira Porsche or 80 million naira Range Rover sport, then this post is meant for you. May be you think I will talk about Messi’s and Wizkid’s pet goats. Or our celebrity mothers throwing shades at their ex-husbands, or kissing Bobrisky, this post is still meant for you.

The quest for fame is a hunger game which celebrities have made a do or die affair to stay relevant. But it’s rather becoming too hilarious and weird, the way some celebrities, go about demanding attention.
Here is a list of some abnormal and seeming good stuff they do to get attention.

1. Baby Mama Gang:
With two popular Naija musicians leading this gang, the trend has been on a long thing. Stop thinking about Davido and Wizkid, I’m not talking about them. It’s becoming an error to see a celebrity who’s not being accused of impregnating a girl he met at a show or a club. This is now the norm, where a lot of girls are becoming so proud to throw shades at their baby papas just to make headlines. Marriage is now a taboo for them, since they only want to enjoy the benefits without commitment. However, the celebrities involved are always excited because this news makes them more relevant to their fans – a confirmation of the big boy’s life.

2. Drugs and Weapons
This is mostly popularly among Western black stars. Where almost every black rapper I know must have served a jail term or is currently serving one for pushing cocaine and possession of illegal arms. 99% of black Hip Hop artiste are guilty of this. Argue with your WAEC result!

3. Sex scandals
Still common among western celebrities especially politicians. Have you ever wondered where those women who claim they were once molested by Donald Trump have been, just to surface at the verge of his campaigns. This may not be the celebrities fault but these scandals make them more popular. It’s interesting to note that most of such cases are settled out of court.

4. Charity Organization
It’s always amazing to see celebrities give to society but so many have broken the walls of hospitality to lay open the bones of their greedy selves and ulterior motives for their charitable works, just to gain attention. There’s no point showing all you give out if you aren’t planning to contest for elections. A prove to the ulterior motives in some celebrity funded charities are the number of court cases faced by their CEOs for defrauding NGOs in America in the past 2 decades.

5. Human Rights Advocate
It’s always interesting to see influential people advocate for girl child education, good governance, and protest against child abuse, domestic violence, paedophilia and other social vices. But let me shock you. Not all celebrities who protest against these things actually stand against such things. Some are just doing it to get public attention. That’s deceit. How can we see a celebrity advocating for good governance today, and stand for gay rights tomorrow? It doesn’t tally. Some of the celebrities who protested against killings in Nigeria are the ones still jumping around the dictators in the name of free money. Why’s conscience the cheapest thing to sell in Nigeria?

6. Fights:
Celebrity fights is not a new thing na, if you want to gain attention? Is it the first time you will be hearing that someone left his fine VVIP seat to punch another celebrity in the eye. This act is very immature, and could be termed cheap publicity.

7. Divorce
My mind is telling me that, Hollywood and divorce are like 5 & 6. Nollywood has joined the bad gang too. People are no longer interested in working out their differences but prefer to go through the stress of filing divorce papers to terminate their marriages just to make headlines and attract public sympathy.
Why? Celebrity marriages are mostly destroyed by ego, and the feeling that they both have some self worth and self relevance in the world that no one needs the other to be happy, so, making their marriages work again is what many celebrities don’t want to do.

8. Buying Weird Pets
After all is their money sha. But you mean an actress will pay anyone who finds her missing dog 200, 000 naira. Kukuma report the missing dog to police na. Her own is even small, Wizkid used his money to buy goat as a pet. Okay… I don’t want to call Messi, but why didn’t he come for the 2018 World Cup na? He’s allowing Ronaldo to feel like a Super star.


The heart beat of the average celebrity is to gain attention. Like me, I wrote this post to gain attention but mine is not weird abi?
Feel free to contribute in the comment box. You can get more side talks like this by following our blog with just a click on the follow button below.
Thanks for reading.

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