Film making As a Young Nigerian

Film making As a Young Nigerian
My candid advice to young film makers in Nigeria.
Don’t just wake up one day to produce a big movie featuring Genevieve and Ramsey Noah without starting small. Producing features in Nollywood is becoming more challenging with the advent of the fast trending era of cinematic films with fat budgets. You can’t use a B-movie budget to produce a feature film of recommendable standard or you may end up in Alaba -the path less traveled by audience. No body dey buy cassette again, even you self, abi? To save you from heart break and arrest from sponsors, start producing short films for festivals and awards, so you can get recognized.
You ought to have a voice (market) before you sought for people’s money to shoot a feature film. Plan shooting 2-5 shorts for both local and international film festivals, post on YouTube and you may dance your way into the bigger boy’s court. In case your mind is still telling you to borrow money and shoot film. OK! I can see you are stubbornly driven by passion, if your stubbornness pays, invite me to dinner, but if it doesn’t then you have yourself to blame. I felt it’s a truth I have to share from my little years of experience.

Yours filmmingly,

Dick Williams Azibagir (MC Willy)

Nigerian Actor and Filmmaker

Photo Credit: Sonyusers Instagram

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