Mothers Are Too Funny!

What’s the funniest thing your Mom did?
My Mom is the funniest woman in the world. She did something that makes me laugh when ever I remember. The joke is too big that I can get enough laughter out of with for the next 100 years.
The thing that happened…
During my secondary school days, I and my little bro usually had custard as breakfast before leaving for school by 7:30am. Trust boys, most mornings we will be forced out of bed to quickly prepare for school because we were too lazy to get up on our own. We usually RUSHED to bathe, skip chores, and quickly eat, so we could meet up or else the school gate will be shut against us- the latecomers.
The big day I will never forget came, we had custard as usual, but in a hurry. So, we left for school. Our Mom was on her way to work at the moment, so the three of us were moving out of our street to the junction, when my Mom SUDDENLY noticed a pile of custard stuck in my brother’s cheek. She tried to clean it urgently because it was embarrassing, but there was no way we could get water. She immediately spat some volume of saliva on her hands, applied it on my bro’s cheek to soften the custard pile …and so my brother was made clean.
What makes me laugh till today is not the saliva sef, I’m just baffled at her creativity. Moms are creative!
Could you share the funniest thing your Mom did, in the comment box? Let me know I’m not alone. Lols.

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