The truths used in the context of this post refer to those minor hidden factors that almost every one ignores but their out come are always devastating.
The five truths are observations I have made personally from questions I have asked my mind about why people give in to certain things like unlawful, random, indecent or illicit sex. This is not about being biblical only, even people who don’t believe in the precepts of abstinence from sex by unmarried fellows still don’t like it when people sleep around. So, by observation, stories and thoughts, I bring to you this 5 insignificant or over looked factors that may be the cause of illicit sex.

1) Dresses worn by girls indoors, in the neighborhood or the street. I’m not against any form of dressing, any one can dress the way she wants, especially if it befits her status. If you are doctor dress like a doctor, if you are prostitute dress like one. Lolz. Most of our girls dress half or full naked at home or in the neighborhood in the name of fresh air or freedom. OK.
As a guy, I have been to crazy places and terrible environments. I discovered that this dress pattern (e.g bomb shot) are the language signals for womanizers. I have met a few boys who never liked or loved a girl but wants to get down with her because of her exposed lower abdomen or cleavage. That’s deceit, you will agree with me. Some girls are deceived, and made to believe those lustful advances made by this guys. How cheap have you become when a guy makes a statement behind you like, “I bin no wan sleep with her until she sample things.” It’s unwise to be prey to such people. Don’t dress anyhow and pretend like the boys around are not seeing or you want them to see things. OK . Boys like exploring what they see, and this is one of the bitter reasons why some fathers molest their daughters, and brothers molest their sisters. Yes, they lost control, though not justifiable.

2) Another Neglected Truth: Most parents, especially mothers, pay deaf ears to their daughters exorbitant spending without a known source of income. Their mothers know they go after men but say nothing. They receive all the gifts their daughters claimed, that, an Uncle gave them without questions. This wan that this Uncle is giving you things like that? They won’t ask. The wild mothers may go as far as telling the daughters to play safe to avoid HIV. That’s their only concern. A bitter truth: some of their mothers are deaconesses who will pay deaf ears to their daughters unexplainable source of wealth and promiscuity but wouldn’t fail to fault other people’s daughters who are half worst than theirs.

3) A mild truth: That most male children develop feelings for older women or teachers who play with them, especially the ones who call them pet names, like “my love,” “sweet heart,” “my husband.” These children get scared of voicing their feelings for fear of being scolded. At times, they get hurt when they find out these women will be getting married to men older than they are. They feel oppressed and neglected, and they suddenly develop hatred inside of them. A hidden truth, females are not the only ones being molested, some of these older women molest male children. These male children will grow up to become womanizers or paedophiles. Because it’s psychological. Molested female children grow up hating men or being addicted to sex. I ask myself, apart from the psychological effect, what could have made these molested little ones wild when they grow up? Remember, no body says a thing against molestation of male children. We only hear of the girls.

4) A Surprising truth: Most parents amaze me when they say, “I don’t see any reason why my little daughter or son should be liking the opposite sex at this young age.” I hear you Ma. You, you didn’t crush on any boy when you were 10 or 14 abi? Parents should stop judging and demoralizing their teens from liking the opposite sex because it’s natural, rather, they should guide them to stay focused and set priorities right by handling things the right way. When you bully a teenager for liking the opposite sex, you are instilling in him or her, the ability to explore more.

5) A hilarious observation: This is more of an observation than a factor enhancing illicit sex. I have observed recently that, most married women within the ages 30-40 get scared of or avoids talking to young boys for more than 3 minutes. 90% of these type of women hardly trust men, they see them as potential womanizers who may ask them out. Some are scared owing to the fact that their husbands are envious bullies, or they themselves are sexual addicts or soft hearted, who get scared of falling for young boys. This is absolute insecurity or fear of temptation which may lead to illicit sex. What you fear may consume you.

I think I should end here before I talk pass myself. Feel free to drop your comments on the comment box.

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